Brand Perfect Tour – Agenda

09.40 AM

Keynote: Successful Brand Strategies for Digital Media

Mike Lundgren

Partner, Director Innovation Strategy


Hear the experiences, share the love, feel the pain.

A leading brand and agency view on leveraging brand identity in the digital space.


Type & Usability in New Media

11.50 AM

Type & Usability in New Media

Steve Matteson

Creative Type Director

Monotype Imaging

The diversity of platforms that a brand crosses today poses a challenge to every brand owner, but is also a chance to engage with the customer whether at the office, the mall, or on the couch. Brand consistency is crucial in the image-heavy world of today. A key ingredient is typography, and this talk will dive into the world of type to explore its role in multi-platform branding as well as some of the basic concepts of design. Those are mapped onto usability studies that are referenced here so that one could map the road to brand perfect communication.


Type Value

10.30 AM

The Power of Typographic Expression

Chuck Bigelow

Melbert B. Cary Distinguished Professor

Rochester Institute of Technology

Typography conveys two types of information: explicit messages as text and implicit messages as graphical forms. While designers’ intuition is often enough to create expressive typography we still want objective ways to measure the elusive meanings of type. This talk will discuss a method of studying typographic expressiveness called the ‘semantic differential’ conducted by graduate students at Rochester Institute of Technology. The findings both reinforce common sense and offer some surprise and are especially relevant as typography migrates from print to the web.



Brand Perfect Tour – Agenda

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