Ken Soohoo

Brand Perfect Tour – speaker

Director, UI Technologies

Monotype Imaging

Ken Soohoo is director of UI technologies for Monotype Imaging. He is responsible for overseeing the design and development of integrating fonts and font technologies with the SpectraWorks’ embedded GUI development tools to allow OEMs to more effectively differentiate their offerings, reduce time to market and expand their products’ appeal in markets across the globe. In 1996, Soohoo co-founded Planetweb and was its president and chief executive officer. Here, he was responsible for Planetweb’s flagship product SpectraWorks’ software, a hardware- and OS-independent suite of technologies for developing embedded graphical user interfaces quickly and inexpensively. With a background in software engineering and programming, Mr. Soohoo has been a thought leader and hands-on developer in home entertainment since creating his first video game on an Atari system at age 16. Mr Soohoo is credited with five US patents, three with Planetweb. Mr Soohoo has spoken at major industry events including CES, Comdex, Digital Hollywood, E3 and Agenda.

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