Dennis Michael Dimos

Brand Perfect Tour – speaker

Creative Director

Monotype Imaging

In My Words:

“Success is NOT measured by the accolades of your peers (those are good for A-list party invites). Success is establishing programs that are fluid, dynamic, measurable and adaptive: it’s the convergence of analytics and communication.” Design for the sake of design is vain, egotistical and of little value to the “experience” and the ROI of successful business practices.


Ok. Yes. I admit it. I am, in fact, a California native who believes in the theories of chance and chaos – with guidance by the principle of Murphy’s Law. However, I do not wear black or own an espresso machine, and the only Lotus position I know is the drivers side of a ’96 Esprit. On the plus side, I’m typically not an embarrassment at social functions.

For the Record:

I am a Neo-Primitive Constructivist with mild Modernist tendencies.

Typographic Influence (Positive):

Jan Tschichold, Josef Muller-Brockmann, Piet Zwart, April Greiman, Odermatt & Tissi, Ott-Stein, Emil Ruder, Armin Hoffman, Wolfgang Weingart, Herb Lubalin and Paul Rand.

Typographic Influence (Negative):

Pretty much anything De-Constructivist, Default, Fragmented or “MOUSE” derived. “I won’t mention names… you know who you are.”

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